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Mitsumi Iris Valve "Choke Valve"

A valve for powder in which a sleeve is tied with a rope to open and close. The operation is reliable and compatible with various types of powder.

Mitsumi Iris Valve : Choke Valve's Sleeve motion enables smooth flow control.

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Manual Valve

Automatic Valve with Positioner


  • Compact and light weight
  • Minimum powder residue having no obstacles on the valve sleeve
  • Various materials available for the body, flange and sleeve
  • Compatible with sanitary and fine chemical spec


  • Powder inlet and outlet of a hopper, bin, container, or equipment
  • Outlet of portable containers

Lineup and Specification

Size80A ~ 600A
DriveManual, Pneumatic pressure
Material (body)Aluminum, Plated aluminum, Stainless steel, Polypropylene
Material (sleeve)Various coated cloths
(polyester, nylon, pyrene, polyethylene, PTFE, synthetic rubber, and others)

Special Model

Ferrule connetion model Rotary actuator model Polypropylene housing model

Choke Valves are used for various purpose and applications.

Choke Valves for portable containers.

Mount/Dismount is easy because of its light weight.(housing is made of aluminum alloy)

Ferrule type alminum alloy model

Choke Valves for pipe setthing through walls

Choke Valves are used for setting and tightening the pipes through partition walls.